Investigation of factors affecting consumers’ bread wastage

مشاهده همه تاليفات ناصر شاهنوشی
نویسندگان مقاله: Shahnoushi N, Saghaian S, Reed M, Firoozzare A and Jalerajabi M


 The aim of this paper is to investigate factors affecting bread wastage. We applied the Ordered Logit Model to cross-sectional data of Iranian households. Households were divided into three groups based on their measures of bread wastage. The results indicate that the number of visits to the bakery per week, means of going to the bakery, method of carrying bread, waiting time in the bakery, assessment of bread price and quality, monthly household income, household education, household average age, average rate of bread consumption, preference for consuming fresh bread, method of preserving bread, mother’s education, mother’s job, and number of household members, all influence measures of household bread wastage


کلمات کلیدی: Ordered Logit Model, consumption, bread wastage, Iran
چاپ در مجله: Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development
شماره مجله:
سال انتشار مجله: 2013
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