Study of the effect of targeting energy carriers’ subsidies on Prices of Agricultural products

مشاهده همه تاليفات ناصر شاهنوشی
نويسندگان مقاله: آیدا آریابد، علی رضا کرباسی، ناصر شاه نوشی فروشانی، نادر مهرگان

Given the increasing importance of food safety in the countries and more important role of agricultural sector as a supplier of raw materials in other sectors, the dependence of this sector on energy sources was increased. Current study examined the impact of targeting the energy subsidies on prices of agricultural products by using computable general equilibrium model. The model result in the first scenario, increasing the prices of carriers to world level by calculating dollar with exchange rate showed that the most increasing prices was related to fishing with 69.5 percent. In the second scenario, if the prices of energy carrier increase to world prices level according to free rate of dollar, the prices of agricultural products two times more than the first scenario. In third scenario with 38% increasing carriers’ prices, the percent of price change in different products was less than first and second scenarios. In the fourth scenario the gas oil price and electricity price to the boundary prices level (with free rate of dollar) was increased that the results were almost similar to the second scenario. The difference between these two scenarios is most noticeable in other sectors, because the usage of energy carriers in them was different

كلمات كليدي: Computable general equilibrium, Agriculture، energy carriers
چاپ در مجله: Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science
شماره مجله: 12
سال انتشار مجله: 2013
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