Evaluating the effect of aflatoxin food safety concerns on Iran’s pistachio trade with gravity model

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نويسندگان مقاله: نیلوفر اشک تراب، ناصر شاه نوشی فروشانی

How food safety affects international trade is an important factor to be studied for low-incomecountries which continue to rely on agricultural exports. Iran, as the greatest pistachio exporterin the world, encounters a serious problem of aflatoxin contamination. This food safety shocksaffected Iran’s income which has caused a lot of damages to the country’s economy

 The paperestimates the effect of food safety concerns on Iran’s pistachio export during 1997 to 2006.Using a generalized gravity model, we find that food safety has significant effect on Iran’spistachio export, beside other factors that have effect on pistachio trade. Based on ouranalysis, food safety regulations have a greater effect in the long run as against the short run.Programs aimed at reducing aflatoxin contamination of pistachio is a key recommendation for

policy makers. The results of this study suggest that Iran pistachio growers would benefit from better marketing and increased food safety regulations to maintain its export market share in the world

كلمات كليدي: pistachio, food safety, panel data, generalized gravity model, Iran
چاپ در مجله: African Journal of Agriculture Science
شماره مجله: 43
سال انتشار مجله: 2013
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