An Analysis of Aflatoxin Food Safety Concerns and other Factors Affecting Iran’s Pistachio Exports to European Countries, Australia and Japan

مشاهده همه تاليفات ناصر شاهنوشی
نويسندگان مقاله: Naser Shahnoushi froshani, S. H. Saghaian, Niloofar Ashktorab

In this paper, we examine the impact of food safety concerns on Iran’s pistachio export demand. We use panel data to obtain export function of Iran’s pistachio to European countries, Japan and Australia for the period of 1997-2006. This paper applies panel cointegration analysis to examine the relationship between effective factors on Iran’s pistachio export demand. Our empirical results indicate that food safety shocks have a statistically significant negative impact on the import demands of those countries. Base on the results, Iran needs to have a more certain and clearer planning in production, marketing, and more importantly observation of health principles in order to maintain its export market shares in the world

كلمات كليدي: food safety, pistachio, Iran’s export demand, panel co-integration, European countries, Japan and Australia
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ارايه در کنفرانس: International Food and Agribusiness Management Association-IFAMA2011
مكان برگزاري کنفرانس: فرانکفورت
سال برگزاری کنفرانس: 2011

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